Hello again, everyone! Did you study well for your midterm exams?

In English, when someone likes sweets, we say they have a “sweet tooth.” If you have a sweet tooth, you will love these delicious Canadian treats!

Nanaimo bars

A specialty of my home province, British Columbia, the Nanaimo bar is a delicious Canadian dessert. With three layers, a Nanaimo bar has a layer of crushed wafers and coconut crumbs, one of custard icing and chocolate on top. Recipe in Japanese here!


Usually, donuts are round, but Canada’s BeaverTails are flat donuts! With many delicious toppings, they are a classic Canadian dessert. The shop that sells them is so popular, they even have a store in Japan. If you’re in Tokyo, maybe you should give BeaverTails a try!

Coffee Crisp

This classic candy bar is made with coffee-flavored wafers and covered in chocolate. If you like the taste of coffee, you will love Coffee Crisp! You can find Coffee Crisp bars at some import candy shops.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Canadian sweets. This has been the ALT Report, thank you for reading and come back next week for more.

-Devon (Kasachu ALT)