Hello again, everyone! To the second-year students, I hope you all had a good Career Dream week.

In today’s ALT Report, I’ll talk about the word “typhoon” because typhoon 19 “Hagibis” will come to Japan this weekend. Be careful, everyone!

The word “typhoon” is a mystery. Some people say it came from Chinese, because the Chinese word taifung sounds like “typhoon.” The Japanese word taifuu sounds like it, too. Some people think it comes from ancient Greek, because “Typhon” was the Greek god of storms. In Arabic, the word is ṭūfān and in Portuguese it’s tufão. In many languages, the word for “typhoon” sounds very similar.

I hope you will all be safe. Typhoons are very dangerous.

This has been the ALT Report, thank you for reading and come back next week for more.