Hello again, everyone! Did you enjoy the school Sports Day yesterday?

Well, in my home country, junior high school students enjoy a sports day too – but the name and events are just a little different.

In Canada and the U.S., instead of calling these events “sports days” we call them “track meets.” Most schools in these countries have at least one track meet every year, with many different events for the students to participate in. Like in Japan, there are running events and relay races, but there are also many different activities that aren’t in Japanese sports days. Hurdles (like in the picture above) are one of these. The high jump and long jump, as well.

There are also competitions for throwing objects, like the shot put (a heavy ball), discus and javelin throws. My mother used to do the shot put in her school’s track meets – she was very strong back then!

This has been the ALT Report, thank you for reading and come back next week for more.

-Devon (Kasachu ALT)