Hello, everyone! In today’s ALT Report, I will talk about a very popular character.

You know this dog, right? Snoopy, the “World Famous Beagle,” is a popular character all around the world. But do you know where Snoopy came from?

The world met Snoopy for the first time almost 70 years ago! He first appeared in artist Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts on October 4, 1950. Here is his first appearance:

In Peanuts, Snoopy was the character Charlie Brown’s dog. Peanuts was a very popular comic, that lasted for 50 years. Artist Charles Schulz made Peanuts comics from 1950 until his death in February 2000. Charlie Brown was the main character of Peanuts, but his dog Snoopy was the most popular character. Many people love the cute dog that Charles Schulz made.

Snoopy has many personalities. He loves to dream about different jobs. Sometimes he is a cool beagle named Joe Cool. Sometimes he flies an airplane. Sometimes he is an astronaut. Sometimes he is a writer. There are so many different things that Snoopy can be! This is one thing that people love about Snoopy.

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-Devon (Kasachu ALT)