Today I want to talk about something very interesting. Recently in America and Europe, the trend in music has been… old Japanese pop music? It’s true!

Have you ever heard of “vaporwave”? Right now, it is very popular around the world. Vaporwave artists make new songs using music from old songs. Vaporwave musicians are not Japanese, but often they use old Japanese songs! Like American musician Saint Pepsi’s song “Skylar Spence”:

Uses the Japanese song “Love Talkin’ (Honey it’s You)” by Tatsuro Yamashita:

And American musician Yung Bae’s song “Selfish High Heels”…

…Uses Japanese singer Kaoru Akimoto’s song “Dress Down”:

Vaporwave shows us two interesting things. First, it shows that old songs can become new again. And second, it shows that people all over the world love Japanese music and pop culture. Some of the artists even use Japanese words when they name songs, like Macintosh Plus’s famous song “リサフランク420/現代のコンピュー”:

Vaporwave artists use music and images from the past to make interesting music for the present. I think everyone should try listening to some vaporwave music!

Well, that has been my ALT Report for today. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good week.

-Devon (Kasachu ALT)