Do you like to read books? I like to read books very much. Today I want to talk about a favorite writer of mine, Stephen King.

Recently, Stephen King is very popular in America. He has written 61 novels, 11 short story collections and five nonfiction books. That’s a lot of writing! This year, four of his books became movies: Pet Sematary, It Chapter TwoIn the Tall Grass and Doctor SleepDoctor Sleep is actually in theaters right now.

Stephen King writes many kinds of books, but he is called a “master of horror” because most of his books are horror novels. His stories usually are about people with special powers. In Carrie, a girl can move things with her mind. In the Shining, the Dead Zone and others, people can see the future. In Firestarter, a girl can make fire with her mind. It’s very interesting.

If you like stories about monsters, special powers and interesting things, you should try to read some Stephen King books. All his books are translated into Japanese. My favorite is the Shining, which also has a very good movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

This has been the ALT Report, come back soon for more.

-Devon, Kasachu ALT